Lia; englands soooo cold!Mature

I shiver as I step out of the faded red mini my mum bought when we came to England. She said "everyone will have one" yer right noone does!

"Bye tesoro! I really hope you'll be ok. I hope you make new friends. I'm sure it will be lovely." She was clearly trying to reasure herself more than me. I smiled at the fact she still called me tesoro an affecionate Italian name. I was born in Italy and had lived there till just 4 monthes ago ever sinse... anyway lets not think of that.

God Engalands soooooooo cold! I pull my light blue scarf tight around me and head towards the towering building that would now be my school. It was lunch time but i'd already eaten so I wondered down a long corridor for a few minutes until a teacher with a big moustache shouted at me and asked me what did I think I was doing. I appologised and ran of to the girls toilets feeling my cheeks flush red as two guys cried out "yer naughty girl"

As i stepped into the toilets I saw one girl step up to anougher and then poor a whole bottle of freezing water over her jeans. Er right these english girls seem er... odd.

The End

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