Kanoa : Grow up!Mature

The new girl, Roxane walks out of the classroom and smiles when she sees me and Abbie. She briefly explains the recent history between me, her and Sarah. Roxane doesn't seem to like Sarah too much, but who does when she's like this? I follow Abbie down to the dining hall, we find ourselves a table and sit down.

"Hey look, it's Sarah." Roxane points to a person staring straight at us menacingly at an empty table with a box of salad. I smile and wave, giggling. She just frowns and walks away.

"Hey Kanoa!" Oliver comes up to me, this idiot from my year. "Is it true that you still wet the bed?" I look up at him, looking really serious.

"Of course I still wet the bed, why wouldn't I?" I tell him sarcastically.

"You do?" He looks surprised. What a jerk.

"Of course I don't." I snap and roll my eyes. "Who d'you hear that from?"


"Surprise, surprise...." I hear Roxane murmer.

"Do you actually, honestly believe what Sarah says?" I ask Oliver, raising one of my eyebrows.

"Uh....no.....'course I don't!" He skips away to queue up for a drink.


Flushing the toilet, I step out of the cubicle and find myself face to face with Sarah. She smirks at me and I see her holding a bottle of water in one of hands.

"I hear you're still wetting the bed, Kanoa."

"Wow, do you now?" I reply, walking over to the taps. "There's only one difference between you and me, Sarah. I might be small, but I grow up, mentally. You might be tall, but you still act like a two year old."

"Shut up!" She sneers at me. Suddenly, she opens the bottle of water and pours the whole content onto my jeans. "Awww.... look who's wet her panties? Look who's the one who needs to grow up now?"

The End

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