Abbie: Don't mind me, I'm just slightly angry.Mature

"Hey" Roxane calls to us as I storm out of the maths room with Kanoa. We wait for her.

"Hey" Kanoa says when she gets to us.

"Hello" I say, still fuming.

"You OK?" Roxane asks

"Yes" I say stiffly. Kanoa laughs. 

"I guess you don't like Little Miss I Think I'm All That"

"No, I do not."

"What's going on?"

"Shall we tell her" Kanoa asks, uncertain.

"Yes, I will gladly tell Roxane what's going on. See, me and Sarah" I spit the name. "Used to be best friends. And I must emphasize the past tense. Then, we told a massive lie to a teacher. It annoyed the hell out of Kanoa so she told on us. We fell out with her but then I made friends with her again. But that caused me to fall out with Sarah. Not that I care. so she pretended that I'd 'attacked' her and now everyone hates us. And Sarah is trying to do everything in her power to stop both of us having no friends what-so-ever."

"Oh"Roxane says

"And now, can we please go and have lunch so I can prepare myself for a lunchtime with Sarah. Because a months worth of detentions was the consequence of Kanoa telling on us" I say and then start towards the dinner hall. 

"I'm still really sorry about that" Kanoa says for the millionth time this week.

"I know you are" I say

The End

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