Anna: stupid modern technology messing with my feelings!Mature

'Hello? Hello?' I held the phone to my ear as I tried to hear Jake's answer. The only answer I got was a long 'BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP.'

Oh you are kidding me. I hit the End Call button. I looked desperately at my phone, then started redialling, only to be met by 'you have no credit, please top up.'

ARFGH! Stupid modern technology messing with my feelings! Why couldn't it be like in the olden days when you had letters and pigeons? A pigeon wouldn't just end the call. Pigeons don't have buttons.

The next day at school I was met by Zoe, who shoved her glasses up her nose in excitement as she did linky-armsies with me. 'So, what did he say?'

I looked at her half-forlornly. 'He didn't say anything because the stupid phone cut him off and then it wasn't a pigeon.'

'Ohhhh, poor Annaaaa,' Zoe gave me a hug and then smiled. 'But we have maths this afternoony, so we can see him then! I'd say dreamy New Guy is a lot better than lowest common factor or whatever.'

'I suppose, but what about Hannah? I don't want her having a hufty at me because she is my very good, albeit a little hairless without those eyebrows, friend.'

'That is true.' We both HMMed a bit and then were met by Thea, who ran up to us, gushing.

'The concert was sooo good and Eden was there and Heather was there and we went backstage can you believe it BACKSTAGE and then there were these twins and they were very niceee....' She showed us a phone number written on her hand. 'And then Heather and Eden went and the twins gave me a tour of the studio and it was AMAZING.'

We smirked and did linky armsies with Thea. 'Good concert then?' I asked and we giggled. Then Hannah caught up with us.

'Look guys!' She lifted her hat and we beamed as we saw the cause of Hannah's excitement. 'My eyebrows are coming back!! And I brought in more eye pencil so you guys can help me decide on a thickness and colour etc.' She did linky armsies with us and we started discussing eyebrow shades, whilst narrowly missing younger years and trees. Back to normal (to extents). Though I couldn't help wondering how Jake The New Dude was...


The End

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