Abbie: Apparently, I'm Not Allowed FriendsMature

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Seriously. I mean, I know me and Sarah are probably gonna be the cause of World War Three, but she doesn't need to make it worse. 

"Yes, that's a very sensible idea..." I hear Sir saying to Sarah. Then he comes over and shows Roxane to the seat next to Sarah. But the only way this can happen is if Kanoa sits next to me. But that's never gonna happen. So, now Roxane sits next to Sarah at the top left corner of the room. Kanoa sits at the bottom left corner of the room - on her own. And i sit at the top right corner of the room - on my own. So, not only can I not be friends with Sarah, but I'm not allowed to make new ones either. And evreyone's on Sarah's side anyway.AARRGGHH!! I'm going to make a point of never lying ever again. I dump my stuff on the floor and put my head on the table. I hate Sarah.

The End

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