Kanoa : New girl!Mature

A new girl walks into class.

"Ah, you're here." He mumbles to herself.

Our teacher walks over to her and guides her to the front as if she didn't know how to walk.

"Class, I'd like you to meet our new student, Roxane Jones." The new girl fidgets nervously. I know how she feels. "You can go have a seat in that desk right there." He gestures towards the seat next to Abbie. I see Roxane nod and take her place. Then I see sir's eyes glancing uncertainly toward's Abbie's table. I giggle quietly, maybe he thinks Abbie will attack her. I catch Abbie's eyes and she gets it too. Then sir turns away and starts writing on the whiteboard. I tip-toe over to the Abbie - who has already started to chat with Roxane - seeing Sarah doing the same. I stare at her, and she smirks at me.

"Hi, I'm Kanoa, nice to meet you." I say to her, smiling.

"I'm Roxane, nice to meet you too!" She replies.

"I'm sure - " I begin, then Sarah interrupts me.

"I'm Sarah. Don't hang around with those people. They're nasty. That girl you sit next to at the moment slapped me in the face once. They're violent, they are."

Roxane just looks confused and speechless.

"Abbie didn't - "

"- I'll ask sir if he can change the seating plan a bit so maybe you could sit next to me." Abbie interrupts me, again. She grins evily before heading to the front of the classroom.

The End

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