Heather: The twinsMature

I meet Eden back stage and even with people around us he pulls me t0 hims and kisses me passionately. There are a few wolf whistles and jeers.

"Aww, mate cut it out" Eden pulls back and pouts angrily at the boy.

"Get lost, Kieth" He says before kissing me again and I must admit I'm really starting to get embarassed.

"Get a room" Calls another voice.

Eden groans and turns on the twins who play for him, one electric guitar the other the drums. And at the moment you can tell which. Kieth twirls his drumsticks around smiling at me cheesily as I neaten down myself.

God this is embarassing. "Oh My Gosh" Thea shrieks next to me.

"Don't" I say before she can get any futher. She tries to talk. "Don't" I say looking at her angrily.

She pouts and I see Oliver laugh. Which is the other brother. "Always the same" he say smiling.

"You two really get annoying" Eden says wrapping an arm adround my waist.

"And you two never quit..... actually I think its you who never quits Eden, Heather just can't stop you cause she's all ditsy when your around"

"That's not true" I growl at Keith even though I actually no it's slightly right..... Sorry but Eden is a really good kisser!

"Better set up for next show" Oliver says nudging his brother.

"Thea you go with them" I say she does. They begin talking and I can't help but laugh at Thea's new enthusiam for guitars...... She's aiming for Oliver. I shake my head then look up at Eden whose smiling down at me. I kiss him lightly.

The End

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