Abbie: HopefulMature

There's a new girl at school. I really hope she'll be in my form. Coz I me and Kanoa aren't allowed to sit near each other any more. Ever since I 'hit' Sarah. Apparently Kanoa had 'cheered me on'. She'd done nothing of the sort! And I'm not allowed to sit next to Sarah in case I 'attack her' again. Not that I'm bothered about that. No-one else wants to sit next to me, so I'm on the spare table. At the complete opposite end of the room to Kanoa, and complete opposite end of the row to Sarah. And I'm alone. It's so boring. So that'a why I hope the new girl'll be in my form. Because at least she'll be sitting next to me and I'll have someone to talk to. But I doubt she's even in our year. Sigh.

The End

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