Heather: ConcertMature

Th concert's amazing and Thea screams wildly. We're in the front row and are quite squished but I don't mind cause Eden keeps coming up smiling and singing.

"Right" he shouts in to the microphone. "Is everyone having a great time?"

"Yeah" Everyone screams. Then there are a few 'I love you Eden' and 'You're the greatest'.

"Well, I'm dedicating this song to my girlfriend, Heather. Who will be sixteen soon" he shouts. Thea smiles at me and I blush. But I see a few glares around me of anger and awe. "It's called Sweet Sixteen"

"Oh, baby,

Get up and come down,

Your partys happening right now,

Come and dance to beat,

It's time to make it right now" The rest of the song is the same. Techno pop beat and the cheering is loud and heavy.

"Thank you sooo much" Thea shouts to me.

The End

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