Kanoa : Not so friendlyMature

I cannot believe what Abbie said to Sarah! Unbelievable! Absolutely incredibly supremely unbelievable.

"I'm really really sorry for breaking up your friendship, Abbie." I say to her when sir brings her back in after a telling off she didn't deserve at all. "I really didn't mean to do anything like that."

"Don't worry about it. Since Sarah isn't going to be my friend anymore, how about we make up?" She smiles at me, I smile back and we give each other a hug.

"Sarah and Kanoa. This is a mathematics class. Not a class on hugs." Our teacher stares at us angrily then continues, "To stop you from attacking Sarah again, Abbie, please move onto Kanoa's table. It will be a squish but there isn't any room anywhere else."

We grin and give each other a high-five.

"Bad luck, Sarah." I whisper in her ear as we walk past. She turns her head and looks at me menacingly.

"I'll get you back for this, I will." I just shrug my shoulders at her.

The End

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