This is horrible. This is so very, very horrible. I want to be friends with Sarah, but I don't wan't to not be friends with Kanoa. And I want to be friends with Kanoa, but that would mean not being friends with Sarah. Kanoa was OK with it, she forgave me easily. And I thought that would be OK for now because she doesn't ask questions like Sarah does. I thought that I would be able to make my decision after while, and avoid Sarah in the process of thinking about it. What I didn't think about was the fact that Sarah sits next to me in most lessons because we're right next to each other in the register , and Kanoa sits behind her. So all I ever hear is them arguing or Sarah hissing at me that I must have made my choice and that she won't be my friend. Or there's Kanoa telling me it's OK and that she won't really mind if I choose Sarah, but I know she would mind. And I feel like screaming. And to top it all off, Heather sits next to Kanoa and has to listen to all of this and pretend she doesn't mind in the slightest. I feel so sorry for her. Anyway, today's Friday so we're in maths 1st period. And guess what the seating plan is?

"Do questions 16 to 23 on page 112 please everyone" Sir says. We all turn to page 112 and get on with it. And then the conversation that we have (and that I know off my heart now) starts.

"Abbie" Sarah hisses. I ignore her. "Abbie!" she hisses again. I ignore her again. I've never ignored her twice before. But I just can not be bothered today. "Ignore me then. But always remember you made the right decision when Kanoa is out of our lives" she says. And that makes my decision.

"You know Sarah. I was watching this documentary last night about how everyone is meant to be equal, and yet they're not. And the presenter said that no one would care if a tramp died. But I thought that wasn't true, because I'd care if you died" I hiss angrily. It's not very good, and it's not my boffiest comment either. But it's the one I'm most proud of.

"Oh. My. God." Kanoa says, shocked. Heather smiles. But Sarah gets the message. 

"OWWW! What did you do that for? I was only asking you a question! There's no need to slap me!" she yells. OMG. I'm shocked. But like I've said before: when we lie, we lie badly. Sir comes over.

"Abbie! How dare you hit someone in my class! Get out NOW!!!" he screams.

"But Sir! She didn't do anything!" Kanoa tries to save me.

"Why would Sarah lie about something like that?" There's only me and Kanoa that know the answer to that. I get up and walk out.

The End

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