Anna: aenglajrhgirshksnhskhnjtt *falls to floor dramatically*Mature

I clicked my phone off and looked dead at myself in the mirror. 'Woah.' I blinked a lot and then shook my head and yelled 'negharsugjhasnrjhnrjhju' and then some. And fell dramatically to the floor. My goodness. You had to be really stupid and awkward about that, didn't you Anna? You had to say you would call him back.

Now he thinks you don't like him!! ....which of course I don't...well, no that was a lie. A big fat lie. A big fat lie with a detective moustache on. A big fat lie with a detective moustache on and chocolate round its mouth (a result of my chocolate strawberry fest earlier). ARRRGH.

I needed to say something when I called him back. Because I had to call him back. Because he needs to know. But what do I say? I don't want to come right out with it because that just makes me sound awkward. Nyyyergh. I needed to call Thea.

Dialling tone....dialling tone....dialling to- Oh forget it. Then I remembered Thea had gone with Heather to Eden's concert. Poor girls, stuck for hours with his singing...I pulled a face, and then laughed as I imagined Thea jumping about like the biggest fan in the world. Ok, so I couldn't call Thea. Hannah?

HANNAH. OH NO BECAUSE SHE LIKES JAKE AND IF SHE LIKES JAKE AND I LIKE JAKE THAT WOULD JUST BE STUPID-WAIT A MINUTE. Now I just said I like Jake. Which is the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth (but I don't think I would tell him about the chocolate mouth because that's just not attractive). I called Zoe.



'I need your help.'

'Oh but I wanted to tell you something! Sarah is all hufty this evening, she says she had this blowup argument with her friend and now there's all crying and that jazz and-'

'Yes Zoe normally this would be important but I am in a chocolate-mouth-SITUATION and I need your help.'

'Well...presumably you would want to wash that off and then-'

'No no no Zoe it's Jake. Jake likes me and he called me and asked me whether I liked him and then I told him he was smoothy smooth and that wasn't cool, or smooth, but he's smooth don't you think? And then my mouth went all foof and I couldn't talk and I said I would call him back and what about Hannah? Zoe...I need help.'

'Well...' I could tell she was adjusting her glasses. 'I think you should tell Jake how you feel, and then say you do not want to do anything until Hannah is Ok with it. That is reasonable.'

'Yes, I agree. That is very reasonable with a moustache on. Bye.'

I looked at the phone and begged it not to let any stupid things I say get down the other end to him. And dialled the number.

Ring....ring...ring...ri-'Hello?' My goodness that was a smoothy smooth voice. I composed myself and opened my mouth and this came out,

'Yes Hello Jake the New Dude, sorry but I needed a minute to wipe the chocolate from my mouth. Yknow, you eat chocolate and then get it all over your mouth and I think there is a blob of chocolate on my top too. (SMOOTH, ANNA. You are too cool for words) So yes, in answer to your question let's say I think saying that I didn't like you would be a big fat lie with a detective moustache on. But I need to check that Hannah is Ok about this or else we could have a big fall out and then probably the younger years will start spying on us like we were to them that time you found us in the bush in your front garden.'

There was a silence on the other end of the line. And then...

The End

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