Heather: CareMature

I smile happily. I got the day off cause it was Eden's big consert. And of course I dragged Thea along with me...... actually more like she dragged me.

"Thank you soooooo much for inviting me Heather" she squels happily.

"S'ok" I say smiling. We arrive and I flash the back stage pass at the bodyguard he nods and I see looks of envy from the girls. I stop a boy walking by. "Hey, where's Eden?"

The boy shakes his smiling and Thea gasps, which I can understand cause he's quite cute. "In his dressing room down the hall" he says gesturing the agare door up ahead.

"Thank you" I mutter.

"So you work here?" Thea says dragging the cute boy off.

I head towards the door. "... but I love you isn't that enough" a girls voice cries.

"Felix, I have a girlfriend that I love and she loves me but not for my accomplishments" I hear Eden say and while I feel slightly curious as to what's going on, I blush.

"That..... piece of rubber" I gawk shocked. "You hardly see her and everyone knows how she hate how much press you get"

Well, that's true but anyone would if they had to deal with it when they wanted a minute alone with their boyfriend.

"Look, she's coming tonight. She's there when I need her and she wouldn't slag off someone I cared about" he shouts. It's then I choose to knock on the door. I hear no movement. "Come in" Eden calls.

I open the door and step in keeping my arms folded across my chest. "Heya" I say smiling and pushing a strand bit of hair away from my face.

He smile back and walks over pulling me into his arms then kissing me. I literally feel the heat burn off the girl. "Fine" she snaps and runs out of the room.

I pull back. "I'm glad you care and.... I love you" I whisper then kiss him again.

The End

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