Jake: You had to get all icky in love with a girl didn't you, you idiot.Mature

"Hi!" A voice bubbled. It took me a moment to realise who it was.

"Anna?" I asked.

"Yeah, Jake the new dude! Hi."

Oh, crap.

"Umm..Hey, Anna."


"Soooo..." I repeated. "What did you want?" I asked as politely as I could so it didn't sound like I wanted her to go.

"Oh. I just wanted to say hi. I'm bored. Did you know, I just ate a whole bar of chocolate?! And then I ate strawberries, but I dipped them in sugar..And then I had loads left over, so I ate all the rest of it!!"

I laughed. "Woah - you gotta stop eating like that!" I smiled a heartbreaking smile without meaning to.

This was my chance.

I could do it, couldn't I? "So. Anna.." I cleared my throat.

"Mmmm?" She asked, I could still hear the hyperactiveness in her. If that's even a word.

"How do you feel.. about me?" I blurted out, in my smoothy smooth voice, but it didn't worked. I kinda choked halfway through, dammit.

"Umm.." She coughed. "You're smoothy smooth?"

I smiled.

"I mean - do you like me?"

"Sure! You're a cool friend."

"But..Do you like me more than a friend?"


"C-Can I call you back?" She stammered.

"Sure, sure."

"Sorry!" She apologised.

"S'ok." I said dully, and hung up. I returned to my laptop.

The End

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