Kanoa : FriendshipMature

I wander around the school grounds alone, kicking anything I see. Then I hear shouts coming from the other side of the school. Suspicious, I walk over to see what is going on. It can't be. Sarah and Abbie, arguing? They never argue. A group of people now stand around them, watching the only entertainment they have. I glance over some shoulders to see Abbie looking guilty and sad, and Sarah looking annoyed and angry.

"I would have told on you. Sarah, we can't keep away from her forever." Go Abbie!

"Yes. We can." Sarah replies, staring at me menacingly. "Kanoa is a selfish bi-" I know what would come next, so I left. Walking through the school doors, I decide to retreat to the toilets. Suddenly, the door of the classroom next door slams shut, and I hear some quiet sobbing. I leave the toilets, and look through the window. Abbie is in there, crouched down under a table with her head in her hands trying to be invisible. I knock on the door and enter.

"Abbie?" I whisper. Sarah looks up at me, her face stained with tears.

"I'm really sorry Kanoa. Sarah is really being unthoughtful." I just shrug, pretending I didn't care at all.

"I'm fine. Question is, are you?"

The End

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