Abbie: Feeling GuiltyMature

It's hell at school the next day, me and Sarah are trying to avoid being seen by Zoe and her friends, while they are trying to avoid being seen spying on us. Well, they failed in that didn't they? Also, I've found out that Kanoa did see us in town, and now she keeps giving us these dirty looks. The punishment is starting to ease off a bit, and I hate being mean to Kanoa. I'm not very good at avoiding someone for too long, and Kanoa was actually the first friend I had when I was new in Y7. I've tried to talk to Sarah about this, but she's not having any of it.

"No Abbie." She says for the fifth time today "She's basically sentenced us to torture for the rest of the year! She was asking for it"

"It's only for a month, and anyway, we deserve it. We've been blackmailing her into not telling on us for so long now, I'd hate it too. And as much as we don't like to admit it, we would have told on her for that too"

"Abbie! I would not have told on her! We can't be friends with a snitch" she snaps

"I would have told on you" I mumble quietly

"What was that?" Sarah asks, turning me around to face her. She looks at me angrily.  I return the gaze.

"I would have told on you" I say louder, aware that a crowd has gathered around us. I'm not surprised, this is the first time we've ever argued. Ever. Zoe and one of her friends - Anna, I think - are there too. Sarah's blue eyes go shocked.


"I would have told on you. Sarah, we can't keep away from her forever" I then notice that Kanoa is actually part of the crowd.

"Yes. We can." Sarah hisses "Kanoa is a selfish bi-"

"Shut up Sarah!" I yell as Kanoa runs from the crowd.

"No, you shut up and listen" Sarah sneers "Listen close, it's her, or me. You can't be friends with both of us" then she looks at me as if she's expecting me to immediately choose her. I look at her, shocked. Her, or Kanoa. I have to choose. But I can't. I run and push through the crowd and run to an empty classroom where I slam the door, run to the back, hide myself under a table and burst into tears.

The End

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