Anna: So fifteen is a number, correct.Mature

As I strolled into school I had the last song from the radio bouncing around in my head, which strangely enough was a Beach Boys song. I just couldn't get the words out of my head, so I decided to sing as I walked along. I mean, the street was empty enough. So I started off humming the tune, then murmuring the words "wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up, in the morning when the day is newwww" and by the time I was nearing the corner I was in full-belt mode (and skipping-because it isn't often you get to belt old songs on the way to school, you may as well skip too to go the whole hog): "ALL THE HAPPY TIMES THAT WEEE'VE BEEN SPENDING, I WISH THAT EVERY KISS WAS NEEEEEEEEVER EEENDIIIIING!!" I have to admit, I quite like my singing. But as I sang and skipped I passed round the corner, into (of all the people) Jake The New Dude, who was a bit startled looking to see me belting about kissing in his face. I stopped suddenly.


'Hello.' He was trying to maintain the smoothy smooth tone. Heheheh.

'Hi Jake the New Dude. Sorry about that-I like singing.' I looked at my feet (probably for about the first time in my life because I'm not normally an easily embarassed person). I looked back up and did my cheesy grin, and he half smiled back. 'See you in maths!' and I skipped off.

In maths Hannah was interrogating me. 'So what did Jake say? Was he not really scared?'

'Why would he be scared? I like to think I am a nice singer' I did my operetta impression (but in silence, bear in mind-as it is maths and you can't just burst into song half way through fractions) and Thea giggled.

'I think what Hannah is trying to say,' Zoe adjusted her glasses. 'Is that to most people the sight of somebody skipping and singing loudly is a bit scary in their face suddenly.' We all 'HMM'ed in agreement.

'What I want to know though,' Thea leaned over. 'is whether Heather is Ok. We did kindof scare her.' We all nod a bit and 'HM' for good measure too.

'I think that we should ask her what happened at Jake's...' Hannah starts. Strangely enough I'd been wondering that all weekend too...I mean, I don't think anything is going on. Because, yknow. For Eden and Hannah's sake...Not that I want to know or anything. But just checking. For...detective practise. While we are all talking about this, Thea falls quiet. I turned to her.

'What's up Thee?'

Thea pointed at the figure of a maths teacher, shadowing our desks with half-completed maths work on there (though technically I have completed mine a good ten minutes ago). I cleared my throat and tried to turn the conversation to something more maths-related.

'Yes, Hannah,' I say loudly. 'Fifteen is most definitely a number, correct.'

The End

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