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I walked slowly.... Maybe I should say sorry to the guys for abandoning them. Then my mind goes back to what happened with George and I burst out laughing.

Like Jake said he was asking for a bloody nose.... Although the most interesting thing Jake said was about Anna.

Last night - 8:15am

"Tell me about that girl Anna?"

"What you want to know?"

"Umm, anything"

"She's a nice girl. Why you fancy her Jake?....... Jake...... Oh my gosh you do fancy her!"

"Shh, quiet down"

"Oh my gosh Hannah might be upset. Wait.... when did this happen?"

"It just happened.... besides you can't tell anyone I've only met the girl this morning"

"Yeah.... good point..... Oh my gosh Jake"

"I know...."

I'm glad for Jake but..... I don't know if Anna feels the same. I'm certain Hannah likes him.... although I think Hannah would fall head over heels for any good looking guy.

I mean Jake is good looking I have to admit that even though I like Eden.

Sigh... Eden. Anyway... I shake my head to get back to the topic. Wait why am I talking to myself.......

I do need to say sorry to the guys. Oh well, its a beautiful morning of my next day at school.

The End

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