Anna: frothfaceMature

We are sitting in the cafe in town, at the back, with a fortress of menu cards surrounding our table and our heads down in a huddly-duddly fashion. We followed Sarah and her friend along after the whole Jake the New Dude Finding Us Hidden Behind a Bush escapade, and are now tiring a bit of the detective work. Because so far all the younger girls have done is get some ice creams, walked, looked like they knew something was up, and come in here. Besides, we couldn't help noticing the 70% off sale at Dorothy Perkins. We were all slurping hot chocolate (except for Hannah who had ordered a frothy latte) and we were all getting frothfaces when Zoe's phone woofed. We all looked at her.

'What?' she asked, as if everyone's phones barked. 'It's my message tone.' She read the text out to us: ' "we know what u and ur friends r up2. go away and leave us alone. Sarah." Hmm. I think we should leave them now.'

Thea was looking a bit disappointed. 'Do you think I pushed Heather too far? I mean, she looked uncomfortable with us earlier. I thought she liked us...'

I hugged Thea and Zoe and Hannah wiggled their fingers about to send hug vibes. 'Don't worry, Thee. I'm sure Heather likes you, anyway...she might think I'm a bit weird but quite frankly being flexible is a little freaky too so she can't talk.'

'Also did you see the way she wanted to go into Jake's house?' Hannah was wistful as she slurped her latte and got froth on her cheek (somehow) as well as her upper lip. 'I wish he'd invited us in too...I bet he has a great house. I mean, the front garden was nice. What we saw of it, anyways.'

'Guys-I shouldn't worry.' Zoe readjusted her glasses (which was always a sign that she was off into psychologist mode) and licked off half of her frothy lip. 'Heather was just a bit overwhelmed, but I could tell that despite not wanting to be there she stayed, because she must want to be friends. Plus, her and Jake said that they go way back-it was probably just a catch-up sesh.'

We all nodded and slurped and reapplied frothfaces. I turned down my collar on my coat again, so I was no longer a detective but a normal person (to extents). 'Well...I think we should give up on this detecting lark for now. We can always sort the younger years out at school tomorrow. We all have a free lunch, right?'

The others 'right'ed and we agreed to give in and go shopping. I wondered whether Heather was still at Jake the New Dude's...

The End

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