Abbie: Zoe's up to somethingMature

"I think my sister's up to something" Sarah tells me as we eat our ice creams.

"You really think so?" I ask her

"Yeah. Whenever I go out somewhere, she suddenly makes plans to go to her friend's house. And then she rushes out before me" she tells me

"Oh. Do you think she's following us?"

"She could be. I've caught her once or twice behind me. I just thought it was coincidence that we were in the same place"

"Well, I've had the feeling someone's following us." I turn around. Zoe and her friends are a few yards away from us, talking. But they can go to town at the same time as us, right? 

"You were right! She is following us!" Sarah exclaims. 

"Shhhh!" I hiss "She can come to town at the same time as us you know" I point out

"You think she's following us just as much as I do. Oh no! Kanoa's here too!" she nods in the direction of the shop opposite us. Kanoa's just coming out. She looks up at us. Me and Sarah pretend we haven't seen her and walk quickly towards the cafe.

"There's definitely something going on" I hear someone say

"SHHH!" about three other people chorus. I ignore it. We go into the cafe and order two hot chocolates.

The End

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