Heather: Uhh!Mature

I look up at Jake desperately and he burst out laughing.

"I feel so sorry for you Heather but-" he begins to laugh again.

"Uhh! I'm going home" I say throwing away the moustache. I crawl out of the bush and Jake helps me.

I brush down my coat. "I love this coat" I mutter agree at the leaves and sticks on it. "I got it in Italy"

"Really?" Thea says her eyes glitering.

"Yes" I turn to Jake. "Can I come in for a warm drink?"

"Your always welcome Heather but warning George is there"

"Hope the gods he leaves me alone" I mutter heading for the door. Jake says a few word to the girls then runs to catch up with me.

"So dectective work"

"More like they want to spy and Thea pulls me along without permission" I mutter pouting.

"Haha, well it was funny to find you there" he says. I turn and smile at him.

Then we enter the house. Pray the gods George will stay away.

The End

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