Anna: there is a reason we're hiding in your gardenMature

Thea and Heather met Hannah and I on the corner of Zoe's street. Heather had THE BEST detective outfit ever. I handed her a spare moustache, which she took, all the while looking at it funny. 'What's this for?'

'Oh, it's to create the full illusion of a detective' I beam and pull my collar of my coat up around my neck, before saying 'Let's roll.' and wandering along to Zoe's.

Zoe came to the door with her moustache. 'Narnh's nn no ner nend's nuss.'

'What?' Hannah tilted her head like a confused puppy. 'Zoe, maybe you should say something and THEN put your moustache on'

'Nn.' She stopped pouting for a moment and let the moustache fall into her hand. 'I said, Sarah's gone to her friend's house, so we are going to follow them and see if we can get a lead.'

We all 'HHMM'ed and Heather put in a small 'hm' for good measure. I was starting to wonder when she was planning on running away from us all, screaming that we were insane. But she seemed Ok for now-what a good sport.

We walked along to Sarah's friends' house, and Thea hummed the Pink Panther theme tune as we went. Then we saw the door open, and Sarah and her friend came out. I turned to the others and said 'Quick, hide!'

We looked around for somewhere to go but there were no conveniently placed walls or bins or anything. In the end we got desperate. Thea shoved me in the direction of a bush, in somebody's front garden. 'In there!' she hissed, and we all jumped behind it (thank goodness it was a large bush), Heather half-crouching. I smiled apologetically at her as if to say we don't normally have to do this.

We watched as the two girls walked in the direction of town. I turned to the others and said 'Town, eh?' and we all nodded and said 'HMM'. Just then, a familiar and smoothy smooth voice came behind us.

'What are you doing?' We all turned to see Jake, the new dude, looking at us bemusedly with his arms folded. Hannah blushed and grabbed her moustache from her face, before  smoothing her hair hurriedly. Heather looked at him with a worried glance. Thea and Zoe just stared.

'Ah, well.' I started. 'There is a reason we are hiding in your garden...'

The End

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