Anna: grab your moustaches!Mature

My phone buzzed half way through my english homework ('in Lord of the Flies how does Golding present the theme of violence in one or more main events of the novel?'-hardly a picnic) and I clicked the button to show a new text from Hannah:

'i cant believe u got jakes msn! is he online? can i have it? do u think he likes me? tb H x'

I texted (texted? or text? I'm never sure....) her back straight away: 'he is not online atm, doin hw-u should b 2! it's 10.30! cya tmoz @ school x' She will be full of questions tomorrow, I can tell: "what did he say?" "what colour is his font?" "should I reapply my eyebrows?" -the usual.

Then the phone rang! Ooh, this is one popular night. I danced around to the Mexican sounding ringtone before answering, 'Yelloooo? Anna Cribbs here, superb dancer and popular person, who may I arrrrsk is speaking?'

'Anna, since when did you answer the phone like that? It's Zoe.' Ah-it's Zoe.

'What is up?'

'I will tell you what is up.'

'Well you do that.'

'Well I will.'



'Are you going to tell me why you rang?' I pulled a face down the phone (which I know she will not be able to see but all the same)

'Well stop pulling faces and I will. Sarah's friend came round and I could tell at the door that she is guilty, because her hands were shaking and she was a bit panting-y'

'Zoe-doesn't Sarah's friend live ages away? As in quite a bit of a run?'

'....shush. All I'm saying is something is up and I think we should solve it, what with being old and wise. Are you up to it?'

'YEHHH. I will get my detective moustache and phone Thea. You call Hannah. Over and OOT' I hung up and ran to my drawer, where I'd put my paper moustache from the other day. I dialled Thea's mobile.

'Yo ma homies.'

'Thea-grab your moustache-we're going to do some detective work!!'

The End

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