Abbie: Zoe may just be a little suspicious. Coz of my big mouth...Mature

I knock on Sarah's front door. Zoe opens it and stands in the doorway

"What?" she demands

"Sarah said I could come round" I tell her 

"Well you cant" she snaps

"Hey! She said I could. Please let me in" I say to her

"No. You've got Sarah into enough trouble already. We don't want you hanging around anymore"

"What? I didn't get her into anything! In fact, it was her- I mean, she had as much to do with it as I did"

"What were you going to say" Zoe says, suspicious.Then, her mum saves me.

"Zoe! Let her in! You know I said she could come round" she says. Zoe reluctantly lets me in. I run to Sarah's room. 

"You OK?" she asks immediately

"Fine. I see why you talk to your sister the way you do" I say. She laughs. We stay up till about 11pm. Then her mum tells us to go to sleep and sellotapes the light off, just to make sure.

The End

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