Jake: Homework sucks.Mature

A notification telling me that somebody had accepted me woke me from my light sleep. Oh, that was fast.

Jake-Redd: Hey.

BanANNArama: hii jake, how are you?

Jake-Redd: Fine, cheers. You? x

Doing kisses was something I did out of habit.

BanANNArama: Yep. Okay. I swore to myself that I wouldn't go on msn.. But I guess I'm just weak =p

Jake-Redd: I know how you feel. x

I stared over at the clock.




Jake-Redd: Holy crap, it's nine already. I got stacks of homework to do. See you tomorrow. x

BanANNArama: Oh, yeah. Whoops. Me too. Laters.

And then we both signed off as I stared at the giant stack of homework. I groaned as I realised this would take me until at least twelve AM.

The End

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