Heather: PracticeMature

"One, two, three" my Coach shouts. I land the flip perfectly and gasp for breath.

My coach throws me a towel and a botel of water. I wipe the swet from my forehead and then take a long gulp of the water.

I hear a wolf whistle and turn to see Eden at the door hand up near his face lowering his glasses so he can look over them. He smiles and slips them off then hangs them on the neck of his shirt.

"I love your leotard" He says pulling me into his arms.

My leotard is an light blue and shows my back slightly. "Are you sure it's not just cause most of my body shows?" I ask cheekily.

"Well, that's one reason" He smiles then kisses me.

"Heather, Practice please" Coach shouts.

"This is practice" Eden moans. I laugh and hit him before shoving the towel and bottle in his hands then returning to the large gymnatic area.

The End

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