Jake: Mental jottingsMature

Oh, wow. I'd seen Heather at lunch today. Never thought I'd see her again.

The day whizzed by, and most of my classes were with Anna, Sarah, Zoe, Thea and Hannah. I mentally jotted down some things.

To-Do list:
1) Stop being a jerk.
2) Do homework.
3) Get one of the girls numbers to keep in contact.

I didn't want their number because of reasons that would come to mind first; I honestly just wanted some friends. That I could hang around with normally. Coming to think of it, normal didn't fit in my catagory at all. I sighed as I walked through my bedroom door. I had mumbled a brief 'Hi,' as I walked past my family. I fell onto my bed and logged onto MSN. I unfolded a piece of paper from my blazer pocket which Anna had gave me. My fingers flew over the keyboard as I added her. Then I waited for her to add me as I lay on my bed, but sank into unconsciousness before ten minutes had even passed.


The End

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