Abbie: MSNMature

OMG!!! Kanoa is sooo annoying! Hasn't she got it that we don't want her around yet? Honestly, we try to ignore her, but she just annoys us more on MSN. I open my conversation window with Sarah

Abba: did kanoa tlk 2 u??

Sarah: no, i blocked her as soon as she came on

Abba: wish i had. r u goin on protag??

Sarah: protag?

Abba: protagonize, sarah

Sarah: OH! ye, posting in the kingdom, u??

Abba: postin in in stay connected

I carry on writing my chapter. When I post it (with much difficulty as Jaymie wants to 'help' and Gracie wants a go on her MSN) I ask Sarah if I can go round to hers. She says I can. I grab my bag and run downstairs.

"Dyl, can I go to Sarah's?" I ask my stepdad

"Didn't you mum say-"

"Just to do homework. Please, It'll only be for one night"

"OK. See you tomorrow"

"Bye" I say. I slam the door and all but run to Sarah's.



The End

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