Kanoa : *sigh*Mature

Last night, I went on MSN. Abbie and Sarah were online. I opened a chat window with Abbie.

Cherries: Hi!

Abba: Oh, you're online.

Abba is offline. I decided to leave an offline message.

Cherries: Are you blocking me?

Abba is online.

Abba: So what if I am?

Abba is offline. A few seconds later.....

Sarah is offline.

http://diary.com - why write a diary when you can type it?

Dear Diary   Cherries

No one likes me anymore. Heather seems to be blending in well with her new friends, not really having the time for someone terrible like me, Sarah and Abbie are completely ignoring me, can't blame them that much though. Two against one. To them, I am an "annoying buzzing sound" which they hope will go away. Maybe I will then, if they really want me to.

The End

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