Heather: LunchMature

I go meet up with Anna, Zoe, Thea and Hannah for lunch and see a new boy in the middle of a crowd.

It's strange but I think I know him from somewhere. I grab chips and pizza and pay for it before going to the table the girls are all sat at.

"Whose the Newbie?" I ask.

"Um, a guy called Jake" Anna says. "Bit over cofident"

I look over at him. "I swear I've seen him some where" I mutter.

"You've seen loads of people" Thea says. "I mean ain't you met Stephenie Meyer, I love her books"

"Yeah but..." The boy Jake turns and looks at me. His eyes widen then he smiles and walks over.

"Heather remember me..... France, airport" he says.

"Oh that's it. You were the boy who was getting the same flight and it was delayed so we messed about at the shop"  I say laughing a little at the end.

"What happened?" Anna asks.

"Well, I was coming home for christmas from my french work experience and the flight got delayed" Jake says

"We were the only two 14 year old kids and we went to the shop and messed about" I say. "We tryed on glasses and we bought a sort of charm"

We both reach in to our bags and pull out the half of a beatle shaped stone. We show it to the others and the gawk shocked.

"It was fun and we tried to stay in contact but we sort of lost contact when Jake's family moved" I say shrugging. "You still kept the charm"

"Always... hey ain't you dating Eden Cross now" Jake says nudging me.

I blush and look down at the floor embarassed. "Take that as a deffinet yes"

"If you two got along so why didn't you start dating?" Thea asks.

"Wasn't that sort of relationship" Jake says shaking his head.

"More like a sibling one" I say shrugging.

"Why ain't you in my class?" Jake says.

"Mum, Dad and my agent decided I needed to catch up by being a few years down"

"That's bad girl" he says.

The bell goes. "Well see you guys later" I say stuffing the charm in my bag and running off.

It's great to see Jake again.

The End

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