Abbie: Annoying BuzzMature

Heather is so good at gymnastics! I mean, I knew she's good. But I didn't think she was this good!

"How do you do it Heather?" I say, limping over to her after missing the big landing cushion and landing feet first in the hard floorboards. Have you ever jumped off something really high, and hurt your feet when you landed too hard? Well that's what this feels like, but ten times worse. I think I sprained my ankle too...

"Balance and about 10 years of back to back training" she smiles and then does this triple flip thingy that I'd never be able to do. As we finish getting changed, Kanoa comes up to us

"Guys, I-"

"Can you hear something?" I interrupt, turning to Sarah. Sarah puts on the same confused face her sister uses

"Yeah. Kinda like an annoying buzzing sound. I wonder if it'll go away soon... Oh! There it goes! Come on Abbie, lets go and have lunch. We're not allowed to eat in the ICT room" she walks off, I follow her without a backwards glance at Kanoa. I know we're being really mean, but she deserves it: we wouldn't have told on her.


The End

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