Anna: a new dude, haHAR!Mature

We were sitting at the back of maths, and having done the majority of the questions on vectors (I have no idea what they are, something to do with maths though-Thea says that of course I know because I always get As and A*s in maths but I say that is because I think of other things whilst I do maths, because let's face it it is one really boring subject), and I turned to Zoe. 'what did you find out from your sister?'

Zoe groaned. 'Sarah ran off to her friend's house, she wouldn't tell me anything, but I can tell there has been a conflict' she tapped her nose knowingly. Zoe wants to be a psychologist or psychoanalyst or something when she's older so she likes to talk about the mind etc. Most of the time me and Hannah and Thea smile and nod but have no idea what she is on about.

Hannah was checking her eyebrows for the umpteenth time. Thea says that if she keeps touching the edges the eyeliner will smudge and then she will have big caterpillars on her forehead, which I say is a very convincing argument. Just then a boy walked to the desk and talked to Mr Hammons for a second, before we were told that he was called Jake Redd and that he would be "joining us", which naturally we thought sounded funny so we all giggled. (I mean-what else would this boy be doing here? Doing a hand-stand? Oh no that's set me off again...) The new dude, Jake, turned and winked at us. I gave him my confused face but Hannah blushed, reaching for her compact again. Thea smiled as he put his stuff down and turned to face us from his desk, directly in front of mine. 'Hey' he said all smoothy like a smooth dude. Hannah blushed again, and sunk a bit under her desk. Zoe and I smiled and Thea reached out a hand, saying 'hello, I am Thea and this is Zoe and Anna and Hannah'.

Jake flashed a smile and said 'well I hope everyone is as friendly as you here' and turned back, as he got his book out and copied the board work. I turned to Thea and hissed 'that was a bit of a line' and she hissed back 'dont be mean, im sure he was just being friendly' and Hannah hissed 'do you think he noticed the eyebrows' and Zoe said 'i dont think people focus on the eyebrows when they first meet someone' and Jake turned around and said 'you know i can hear everything you are saying'.

Hmm. The new dude is a smoothy smooth guy who thinks we all lurrrve him. WE'll see about that-HaHAR!

The End

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