Jake: New dudeMature

I trampled through the school hallways like I already knew them off by heart. I checked my time table, then map.

"Maths.. Down-" I squinted at the map. "Here," I muttered, turning a corner. I burst through the doors and went to the teacher. "Mr. Hammons, right?" I held my hand out to the bald man peering at me through glasses.

"Yes. And you are..? Oh, yes! I do apologize. I completely forgot we had a new student today. Everybody, this is Jake Redd, fifteen years old.. He will be joining us." A group of girls at the back giggled, and I winked at them. One blushed. "Your seat is over there," He gestured to a desk sitting in front one of the girls. I chuckled and walked over to it. I slammed my stuff into my desk and turned around to face them.

"Hey," I said smoothly.

The End

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