Abbie: There's a Difference Between a Nerd and a Teachers PetMature

I'm at home, in the bathroom. Scrubbing the dirt from under my nails. I didn't used to mind that Jimmy Habs eats in class. Now I do. Do you know what it's like to have the remains of a Curly Wirly under your nails? I finally decide there's no hope and text Sarah.

Can I com ovr??

She texts back almost immediately.

No i bettr com 2 urs. sis has 2 meny qustions. c u in 10

I go to my room and start the extra ICT homework we got. I will not let Kanoa forget this. I'm on question 2: Why do games like 'Sims' break down Laptops and not Computers? That's in English. It's more technical on the actual sheet. I'm about to write something like: How am I supposed to know? when Sarah knocks on the door.

"Come in!" I yell to her. She comes up to my room. "How're you?"

"What do you think? Three if my nails broke and are now stained with computer screen polish. Did you know Kanoa thinks she's a nerd?"

"No. I didn't. And she's not a nerd. She's a teachers pet" I say

"What's the difference?" Sarah asks

"Teacher's pets don't have to be clever, and normally aren't. You have to be clever to be a nerd. What's Zoe been asking you?"

"What happened at school today? What's up with Kanoa? I thought you and Kanoa were good friends? Why are you interfering with Abbie's problems?" She says in a babyish voice. "I told her that you're my best friend and that I had as much - if not more - to do with it as you. She said that I 'used to be such a sweet little girl'. I told her to pee off"

"You really shouldn't talk to each other like that. It's horrible. I can't imagine talking to Gracie like that."

"Gracie's younger than you"

"She's still my sister. How'd your mum take it?"

"She doesn't know yet. She had to stay in at work coz someone bunked off. How'd your mum take it?"

"I'm banned from hanging around with you. I have to apologise to Kanoa and promise not to get her involved in anything else I do"

"Your mum's tight"

"I know" I say. Then Sarah's phone beeps.

"Sorry, gotta go. Mum's back and Zoe didn't wait for me to tell her" Sarah annonces

"Bye then, good luck" I say

"Thanks, I'll need it" she says, then leaves

The End

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