We are trying to be quiet in the library, honest. But, well...when you've just seen two major teen celebrities it's hard to stay quiet. Especially if your name is Thea or Hannah. Or Zoe.

'pssssssssst.' Hannah leans across the table where we are all doing a maths pass paper to hand in tomorrow. 'did you see those sunglasses Eden was wearing? Dolce. And. Gabbana.'

'really??' Thea hisses. Her face is still a bit pink from when Eden got out of the car (she had one major crush on him last year. The whole works-posters, interviews cut out of magazines, his name in hearts all over her english notes which made Miss Swallow laugh at the time). 'i just can't believe she knows Polish! Polish! I wonder if Eden knows, no he can't because it said he only knows german, french, spanish and italian on his Wikipedia page...' Thea goes off on a rambling/blushing fest which amuses us buckets.

'do you think they saw...yknow' Hannah motions towards her pulled down beret/lack of eyebrows. 'i hope if they did they thought it was intentional.'

'why would you want it to be intentional?' I asked, filling in something about Pi and square roots blebleble (I am not a fan of maths)

'well, in the lastest InStyle it said that on fashion week some designer had started a new craze of "no eyebrows", as in, you dont have eyebrows. so that means im kindof setting a trend..?' We all look at her again with attempts at straight faces. Zoe is the first to crack and starts giggling at the idea of the whole school with zero eyebrows, which sets me off which eventually gets the others laughing. We get shushed by Miss Taillor at the front desk but she just makes us laugh even more, on account of the fact that Miss Taillor has virtually no eyebrows.

'you two should start a club' I said and we all set off again. After a while though I can't help wondering if something was up earlier with the younger girls who were with Heather. Zoe seems particularly keen to find out seen as her younger sister Sarah seems to be one of them involved. She says she will go home and ask Sarah casually about school (though knowing Zoe's skills of subtlety it will just be a question asked straight out). We all raise our eyebrows in agreement (except Hannah who raises her beret instead). Like spies (hehehehhe).

The End

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