Heather: No PeaceMature

I love Eden but it's not like we can ever hardly have a private meal. As we pulled up to the resterant the paparazzi stormed the doors. I groan and lean back against my seat.

"I swear they keep getting bigger" Eden says his face deep in thought.

"Does it matter? We'll never have peace now" I mutter.

"Sweets.." He mutters taking my chin and turning my face to face him. I turn away and he sighs. I take off my belt then  step out the car.

"Heather Willow, care to spill any information?" a reporter shouts shoving a microphone in my face. I take out my sunglasses and put them on the fight the flash of the camera's. Eden steps round the car and wraps his arm round my waist.

No peace at all. I bet my party will be worse, Eden also the one planing it.

The End

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