Heather: Embarassed muchMature

I go bright red as Eden pulls up to the pavement.

Anna, Kanoa, Zoe, Abbie, Sarah, Hannah and Thea stare shocked. I can hardly move from the embarassment.

I see loads of girls staring shocked as well. Eden steps out, slipping his sun glasses into place even though its not sunny.

"Hey Sweets" he says walking round to stand in front of me. I shake my head trying to throw out the embarassment.

"You are so showing off?" I say slightly angry. He shrugs and pulls me in for a kiss. I return it of course but feel even more embarassed to see everyone staring shocked.

I bow my head staring at the floor so hard it could have set on fire.

"So this is the school?" Eden asks looking over at the building. "Glad I have tutors"

I elbow him and he just shrugs. "These are my new friends" I say indicating them all.

"Anna, Thea, Zoe and Hannah, they're my age group. Then Abbie, Sarah and Kanoa who I'm in the same class as.

A girl runs over a sheet of paper and a pen clutch in her hands.

"Can.... can I have an autograph?" She says clearly nervous.

"Not right now, I'm slightly bizzy" he flashes a smile and I swear the girl almost faints. I sigh and shake my head.

"Lets go" he says walking round the car.

"See you guys tommorow" I say jumping in.

"You embarassed much?" Eden asks smiling.

"Way more than ever before?" I hiss at him.

"Ah, how I love it when you're angry" It may sound sarcastic but he really means it.

The End

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