Abbie: Maybe Kanoa Isn't Such A Good Friend After All...Mature

"Why?" Kanoa demands of me sternly. ICT's just finished and it's we're sitting at our usual lunch table.

"Kanoa, you know how I feel about getting extra work" I answer

"Yeah" Sarah supports me "It's like getting punished for being exceptionally good!"

"Shut up Sarah, you're just as bad" Kanoa glares at us


"No, you could have done anything, anything else. But oh, no. You have to pretend to be injured. 

"Kanoa, I though you understood us" I point out

"Yes, I do understand you Abbie. I understand that maybe you're going just a little bit too far. You know what, I think I will tell on you this time." She closes her lunchbox and marches out of the hall. Me and Sarah run after her

"No! Please Kanoa! We'll do anything!" Sarah begs

"No, I'm sick of blackmail" she says. And we cant stop her after that. She walks into ICT 1 and explains in detail, what we did. We both get 3 month detentions and have to attend ICT and  homework club every week. (It would have been less but Kanoa told Miss about every single time we'd lied to her). I can see Kanoa's side of it, but still... Maybe Kanoa isn't such a good friend after all...

The End

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