Heather: Eden CrossMature

"Who was that you were talking to?" Anna asks me. I blush.

"My boyfriend" I say looking at the floor.

"Eden Cross" Thea shouts.

"Uhhh, yeah?" I say slightly embarassed.

"Oh my gosh, can I have his number?" I laugh and Thea's face goes confused.

"He would really kill me for that" I say smiling.

"May I ask why your a few years below your age group?" Anna asks.

"Um, It's cause I missed a few years" I says shrugging.

"But everyone knows you don't need it, you fluent in seven languages and have an amazing account of science" Zoe says.

"What languages do you speak? Can you speek in Spanish?" Anna asks happily.

"Yes, I am fluent in spanish, french, itallian, german, greek, polish and russian" I say blushing.

"An athelete and an amazing knowledge" Zoe gasps.

"Say something in Polish. Oh, I know say 'I practice gymnastics'" Thea says.

I sigh.  "I gimnastyka prakyce"

"Wow" They gasps.

"It's not that complicated" I say shrugging. "I got to get to class"

I say bye then head towards my next lesson curse the long day.

The End

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