Anna: HMMMMM. (said in deliberately high-pitched voice)Mature

As we walked out of chemistry, still giggling at Hannah, Thea pointed to a girl on the phone in  the courtyard-that Heather gymnast girl! I turned to the others. 'do you reckon she's on the phone to her agent?'

'I didn't think gymnasts have agents...' Zoe said.

'HMMMMM.' I said in my deliberately high-pitched detective voice which I think makes me sound like a detective. Thea likes to disagree but really I have to ask-how many detectives does she know with non-high pitched 'HMMM's. (Thea says how many detectives do I know full stop but I pretend I haven't heard her)

Heather was talking to somebody about balance...which technically backed up my theory on her talking to her agent. Then she said 'I love you too' OWTTE (or words to that effect) and clicked a button on her trendy phone. I knew Hannah was struggling not to gush on about how that was the latest samsung model with bluetooth picture video whatever. She turned to see us all looking at her in mid-awe and we half-waved. She lifted a hand to wave too and I said 'hi, i'm anna and this is thea and zoe and hannah-hannah can't talk because she is doing a sponored silence and we're trying to get her to talk but its not working'. Heather looked at us in a half-bemused way, as if I'd just told her we were from planet Zog. (Then again we were wearing Cat in the Hat/wide floral/spray paint gold top hats so I suppose that gives the same impression).

The End

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