Abbie: Even Nerds LieMature

"What've we got next Sarah?" I ask, even though I'm getting my own planner out.

"ICT" she reads over my shoulder.

"Bonnets out" I say. We swap the graduation hats for some inside-out bonnets, covered in red and blue cotton wool. See, our ICT teacher is Mrs Geztems. She loathes bullying. If you so much as diss one person, she'd give you a 3-week detention and tell your parents that you were bullying people. So, if she saw us in hats saying 'Nerd 1' and 'Nerd 2' on them, she would go absolutely mental. She'd say that we were making fun of innocent people just because they are cleverer than us. I don't think she knows that we're basically the cleverest kids in Year 8, and we're wearing these hats because we don't mind being made fun of. We go to our locker and put the graduation hats in it. Then we walk into the classroom just as the bell starts, naturally. We sneak to our seats as Mrs Geztems get out the register.

"Would you like to explain why you're late girls?" she asks. We have a plan for this though.

"We weren't late Miss" Sarah says moodily

"Sarah!" I hiss, elbowing her in the ribs "Excuse Sarah's rudeness Miss, she got hurt at break and I was waiting for her while she went to the nurse, so she wouldn't be late on her own Miss" I flutter my eyelashes slightly. I've worked out that this makes teachers believe you - if you can do it, which I can.

"And where is this injury?" Mrs Geztems asks, never missing a trick. Sarah rolls up her sleeve and shows Miss the bandage on her upper arm. Of coarse, she wasn't really hurt. We just put the bandage on her, and dabbed some dark red and brown paint in the middle. (We had Art 2nd period). Now, I bet you're wondering 'Why did they do that, just to get out of being late for class?' Well the answer is: We didn't just do it as an excuse for being late, we did it because we've finished the work we're meant to be doing and Miss always gives us some crappy, too easy work to do. If someone's hurt, they don't have to do any work. And they also have to have someone to look after them (that's where I come in). So, there you go. We don't normally lie, but when we do, we lie badly. Mrs Geztems believes us and sends us to our seats. I wink at Kanoa as I walk past her. I know she wants to tell on us. I also know she's not going to, she's such a good friend. 

The End

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