Heather: PhoneMature

I pull out my phone and flick through the contacts.

"Oh my gosh, is that your phone" Kanoa says.

"Uh, yeah" I blush and look back down at it. It's the lastest smasung touch and I enjoy using it.

"Who you calling?" She asks.

"ummmm" I really don't want to tell her that I'm calling Eden, my boyfriend also big well know singer.

"Oh my gosh, your calling Eden" She shouts some girls turn at the name and then begin to crowd round. "Opps" Kanoa says noticing her mistake.

I squirm through the crowd and reach the outside of the school.

"Hey, sweets" Eden says down the phone. I hear shouting in the back ground. "One sec"

"Hi E" I say blushing.

"How's school?" he asks.

"Terrible, I hate being below my age group.... I mean I'm not that stupid they did private tutor me while on the road"

"Yeah you know more languages than I care to try"

"Tu me manques, je veux etre avec toi" I say, which means I miss you, I wish to be with you.

"Yeah me to sweet heart but I'll see you in about two days for your sweet sixteen" he says.

"Promise?" I ask.

"Yep, I might even come to see you this afternoon. What time school finish?"

"3 o'clock" I tell him.

"Great see you then Sweets"

"Hope your filming goes well, remember balance"

"Yeah, I've got it"

"That what you said last time" I remember watching him fall to the floor.

"Yeah, love you Sweets"

"Love you too" And I hang up.

The End

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