Anna: silence and hats are goldenMature

Thea and Hannah and Zoe and I are sitting at the back of chemistry wearing our hats. We have to sit at the back because Mr S has told us our hats our too big and will distract the others. I said that as it is 'Hats for Haiti' day we should be making the most of our charitable deeds and asked where his hat was and he gave me a threat of detention and I said 'is that a threat mr s?' and he glared at me so that is why we are sitting at the back. I think he was over-reacting really. Thea's hat is hardly even a metre high-she nicked her sister's Cat in the Hat costume (minus furry cat costume and bow tie so just the hat). And Zoe's hat is only wide because she put loads of flowers around the edge-I think it adds a touch of sunshine to the room, which we can all be thankful for, what with the rubbishy winter weather. I don't even think mine is that distracting-it's a top hat (like victorian gentleman styely) but spray painted gold.

The only person who is not wearing a crazy hat like the rest of us is Hannah, who has a black beret pulled down over her face to her eyes. I said it looks very parisienne, as it were, but she hasn't answered because she is doing a sponsored silence. So Thea and Zoe and I have been trying to get her to talk all day. Zoe asked about how that party she went to with Ron went, but Hannah just blushed and put her finger to her lips to shush us. As if she wanted to learn about hydrocarbons... Thea talked to Hannah about the new girl who is starting here in a couple of years below. The gymnast girl...Heather Willows! Oohh, but how come she isn't in our class if she's our age? We watched Hannah intently for signs of her gossipy nature to overthrow her silence. This girl is not going to be moved easily...

I got annoyed in the end and yanked her beret off, and then burst out laughing when I saw that she was covering not having any eyebrows! We were all giggling away as she frustratedly scribbled a note and shoved it in my face. I read it inbetween sniggers: 'i fell asleep at party. ron's friend thought it was funny to shave off eyebrows. consequently have dumped ron.'

This did not help to stop us laughing.

The End

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