Abbie: I Cheat... sometimesMature

I sit back. I've done all the questions we needed to do, and can do extra... if I want, which I don't. Kanoa's saying something about selling the new girl's autograph on ebay.

"Hey, nerd!" she calls. I turn to her. "What's the answer to 369 times 285?" she challenges. I've done this one, but I can't remember the answer. 

"Hmm... One moment" I get out my calculator - my scientific calculator - and type it in. "One hundred and five thousand, one hundred and sixty five!" I announce.

"Cheat! I saw you using a calculator!" she points out. I open my mouth to say one of my boffiest remarks, but then Mr Kessidy stops the class.

"And five.... four... three... and the following people will be staying behind at break..." he puts his pen on the whiteboard as if we're scared of 'the dreaded marker pen'. He won't put anyone's name on the board though, coz last time he put my name on (when I happened to be helping someone) I told my mum. And she rang the school and said that I shouldn't be kept back for 'passing my wisdom onto others'. He's never kept anyone back since.

The End

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