Kanoa : New girl!Mature

"Hey!" I say to Heather, who is sitting next to me getting her pencilcase out. "I'm Kanoa and I have a crush on cherries."

"Oh, cool!" She replies, spotting my cherry pencilcase and nodding, "I'm Heather, and yeah, you probably know I'm uh....good with gymnastics."

"Good?" I ask, raising one of my eyebrows. "You're brilliant!" Heather grins at me, blushing a little.

"In fact," I add, taking a piece of scrap paper from my planner. "Please give me an autograph, so when you become famous I can boast to everyone about how I got Heather Willow's first ever autograph and sat next her in secondary school. Then I'll photocopy it and sell it on ebay for 100 quid. Then I'll get another autograph from you, as a friend, of course, I'll say I lost this one, then I'll sell this one here on ebay for ten times the amount because it isn't photocopied." Heather just blinks at me.

"I don't think anyone would buy a photocopied autograph."

"Really?" I ask, disappointed. Heather shakes her head at me. I frown, oh well. I push the piece of scrap paper towards her, and Heather signs in an amazing handwriting.

"Thank you!" I exclaim, and I give her a small hug. We return to our equations.


Gosh, how can anyone be bothered with this?

I turn to Abbie.

"Hey, nerd!" I call, Abbie turns to look at me. "What's the answer to 369 times 285?" I test her.

"Hmm.....One moment." Abbie replies. I see her reach into her bag, take out a scientific calculator, and press a few keys into it under the table where she thought I couldn't see.

"One hundred and five thousand, one hundred and sixty five!" she says cheekily.

"Cheat!" I answer, "I saw you using a calculator!"

"And five.......four....." Mr Kessidy shouts, "Three.....two.......one.....and the following people will be staying back at break...." His hand poised on the whiteboard. He always does that, telling us if he wrote our name on the board then we'd have to stay behind at break. Of course, that never happens, because we immediately go silent. Although sometimes, if we kept talking after he said that, he would just repeat it louder. Maybe sir is scared to keep us behind?

The End

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