Kaysi: Hats Are FunMature

Every time I can where a hat in school, I take it. So for Hats for Haiti day, I bring out one I made, for just this occasion.

It is a wicker sun hat, that Someone spray painted purple and green. And has holes in it, where Someone wanted to see if a hole punch works on it. And has pipe cleaners sticking out of said holes and bent around to look a bit like Medusa. And, on five of said pipe cleaners, is attached a mask, covered in neon blue feathers.

I love that hat. You can wear anything, and no one notices. Cause all they are looking at is the hat. Fun times. The only day better, is crazy hair day. Or tacky day. But I make the best of what I've got.

Anyway, I walk into school, and go to my first period, Algebra. UGH! I walk in, and see A new girl, Kanoa, Sarah, Abbie, and an empty desk, all grouped in the back. I head for it, after saying hello to the teacher. Well, today should be fun. The teacher didn't even notice I was late. He was to busy wishing she had a hat like mine...... or hat remover.....

The End

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