Abbie: New Girl/Hat for Haiti/ NerdsMature

Hi, I'm Abbie" I hiss to the new girl, Heather

"I'm Sarah" Sarah hisses. We're in maths now. We agreed to look after Heather for the day (even though she's 15). Heather's sitting next to Kanoa.

"Abbie and Sarah, please stop talking" Mr Kessidy says to us

"Sorry Sir, we were just introducing ourselves to the new girl"

"OK. Were you listening?"

"Yes Sir"

"What's the answer to the question I just asked?"

"B times the square route of 112" we answer together. Everyone gawks at us.

"Umm... Correct" says Mr Kessidy, surprised. Then he starts explaining how this is the answer to the rest of the class.

"Anyway, Kanoa, did you bring a hat for Haiti?"


"Spoil sport. Oh yeah. Heather, we're doing hat for Haiti day, I guess you didn't bring a hat..." I say.

"Umm Ok. What's with the nerd bit?" Heather asks.

"Oh! Well, it's simply because we're nerds" laughs Sarah

"Yeah" I put in "We're in top set for everything, even science, and I hate science"

"Oh, OK" she says

"If you want a hat, I've got a pi-"

"Kanoa, can you tell me the answer to question 4?" Mr Kessidy interrupts us. We whip around to face the front.

"Uhh... eighty, err, three?" Kanoa says, well, asks.

"Yes, pay more attention next time. Right class, turn to page 305 in your workbooks and do questions 5 to 20! Chop chop!" he orders. 

The End

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