Heather: NewMature

I knock lightly on the door. "Come in" a voice calls.

I open the door lightly and step in to the classroom. "Oh, you're a bit late my dear" the teacher says smiling at me. She turns to fac the class and I walk to stand next to her.

I feel real nervous and my seleves tighten around my fists. I stand slightly keeping my head low. "Class this is our new student, Heather Willow" the teacher shouts placing a body hand on my shoulder.

I hear mumbling and whispering through out the classroom.

"She's going to the next Olimpics"


"She beat 5 time grand champion Rilley Desmond"

I blush bright red.

"Ain't she fifteen though?"

"Year why she in a 12-13 year class"

I frown.

"The reason she has joined our year is cause Miss Willow missed three years of school, her trainer and parents asked her to join this class" the teacher shouts. Everyone goes quiet.

The teacher turns to me a kind smile on her face. "You can take the seat up by Kanoa in the back"

I nod and make my way up, spotting two people wearing graduations hats. But's whats with the nerd bit......

The End

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