Abbie: Weird But WonderfulMature


"AAAAH!" I slam my hand on my alarm clock and jump out of bed. I skip breakfast and throw some clothes on. Then I grab my bag and rush out. 

"Haha! You look like hell Abbie, didn't you brush your hair or anything?" Sarah laughs. "And also, did you forget to bring a hat? You promised we'd be 'the nerdy twins' for Hat for Haiti day"

"I'd rather have messy hair than be forced to rub out whole textbooks and then write 'I will not be late for school, it decreases my learning by one percent every week' in capital letters like I did last time I was late. Yes, I did bring my hat, but can I borrow a pound?" 

"Yeah, I knew you'd forget your money" Sarah laughs again. Then the bell for school starts ringing and we're still at the end of the corridor! We run like the clappers down the hall and get into class just as the bell ends. 

"Sarah and Abbie" Miss Kellis sighs jokingly "Never fail to make a dramatic entrance. I thought you two would have the best hats today, but all you've got is headbands the same colour as your hair. Tut tut"

"What are you on about Miss?" Sarah bats her eyelashes dramatically and flicks her long, golden hair

"Yeah Miss, what are you on about?" I say, flicking my long, dark red hair and pretending to look offended, the way Maisy Bowns looks when she's actually offended. We get out white ribbons and tie our hair into pigtails, then we get out our parents' graduation hats and put them on. Mine has 'Nerd 1' sown onto it in big, white letters. Sarah's has 'Nerd 2' on it. We stand back to back and fold our arms.

"Algebra rules" we say. Everyone bursts out laughing. 

"Oh my gosh, this beats the St Trinnians costumes on Red Nose Day by far" laughs Kanoa from the back of the classroom. We walk over to her and sit in our seats. Me and Sarah. Sarah and me. That's us. We really weird, but we're wonderful.

The End

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