Heather : Uhh... am I normal?Mature

I walk slowly my sleeves tightly covering my fist. I push back a strand of my black hair before wrapping my arms tighly across my chest.

Info on me:

My name's Heather.

I'm 15 years, 3 days. I was born on 3rd January 1994.

I'm shy, quiet and a professional artist and writer.

I've also learned gymnastics and have won 13 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze in the last 10 months. Overall I have to many medals to count but I do know I have 31 trophey's.

Uhh, I probably sounding like a show off but I'm not...... I'm just good....... to a certain extent.

Anyway my hair is black and is straight and hangs round my face like a vail, then a side fringe covers my right eye.

So I'm perfectly normal apart from the fact I'm exceptionally good at gymnastics. Uhh..... am I normal?

The End

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